Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Narrative Essay Example

When tackling a narrative essay, it is wise to form a story. In this essay type, you have to base your ideas on personal experiences. Writing has never been easy. Therefore, in case of any complications, a narrative essay example can always aid.
To succeed in narrative essay writing and satisfy your target audience, it is wise to tell a story in an organized and exceptionally manner. From the examples of narratives essays available online, your essay should have a plot, the character, setting, climax and conclusion. Additionally, the narrative essay example that you will rely on has details that are choose to explain, support and widen your story. Thus, ensure that your essay follows the same criterion.
Surprisingly, the number of people using examples of narrative essays is high. However, many writes do not use these examples as required.  The main reason for using a narrative essay example is to see the various formats, structures and outlines, which used when writing a personal narrative essay.{ More interesting essay topics and ideas}
Despite using a narrative essay example, originality and creativity is essential. Plagiarism is high discouraged in essay writing. Know the effects of plagiarizing another person’s work before you use these examples of narrative essays.
Effects of Plagiarizing a Narrative Essay Example

  • Legal issues- Plagiarism is highly discouraged and it can lead to legal issues. It is indeed a crime to copy other writers work and it violates person’s copyright. If you make money from the copied parts, the owner may go to court.  Copyright infringement is likely if found guilty of plagiarizing examples of narrative essays.
  • Academic Discipline-Despite facing legal issues, your institution can also punish you. Many colleges and high schools regard plagiarism a breach of academic uprightness and honesty. If caught, you will mostly fail your term paper; get suspension or expulsion from the institution.
  • Become a habit- If you plagiarize examples of narrative essays and get away without getting any punishment, there is likelihood of this becoming a habit. You may never come up with your own words or ideas and this habit may affect you in the end.
  • Damaged reputation and relationship-In most cases, if you are caught plagiarizing examples of narrative essays or any other essay types, there is likelihood of poisoning your relationship with your tutors. Extensive incidents of plagiarism can also ruin your reputation in the institutions and writing sites in general. Students who struggle and come up with their own essays may always see you as a cheat.
Critical thinking is essential in essay writing. Always ensure you come up with your own ideas and words when writing essays. Just use a narrative essay example to get the writing guidelines.

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